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  1. Just two things: first, highest praise to the Information Booth staffers. Even though the center has plentiful signage, a number of times I got myself lost just because the place is so freakin' HUGE, and every time it was an Information Booth person who got me where I was going. Every one I spoke to was pleasant. well informed, and correct. Thank you so much! Second: re: Dealers' Room booth numbers. I find it kind of puzzling that the booths are identified by number on your map, yet there are no visible numbers on most booths, causing at least me to wander for a long time before getting any sense of where in the mid-thousands I was. Would it be possible to ask/suggest that dealers post their assigned booth number somewhere visible on the booth itself next year? Thank you! I had a wonderful time!
  2. Special Exclusive Screening

    That will be WE ARE X, the documentary about the rock band X a/k/a/ X-Japan. I understand there's also some special accompanying material that wasn't shown with the film in its limited theatrical release.