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  1. robotzor

    How was your hotel?

    Wifi was in the block rate rooms. If you weren't assigned to a room in the block rate room assignments, it is very possible your room was missed (wifi status was built into the room notes). You may also have been booked in on a breakfast-included rate and not told anything about it. All said, you were far better off than the comfort inn, having stayed at both. Rain can disable their elevators which to me is not a sign of a well maintained building.
  2. robotzor

    How was your hotel?

    The good news is that with all that rain, DCA was seriously backed up all night and LGA had a ground stop, so delays were rampant. "Good news"
  3. robotzor

    How was your hotel?

    That's a Marriott thing. Especially with the confusion around the SPG merger, some things aren't getting taken care of. The only way to deal is to call, call, and call again before the date. Wait for different shifts so you can get independent confirmation. Record your calls to play-back for the manager when they debate you if something does fail. I've been screwed out of upgrades or rollaway requests enough (guy thought he marked it down for my room but other staffer claimed it wasn't on there) that I now do this to be 100% prepared on check in.
  4. robotzor

    How was your hotel?

    Renaissance. Stayed here due to missing the Marquis (set alarms, kids), status, and reviews from last year. Did not seemed decked out for the con like reviewers from last year mentioned All wifi is included in con rate, so if you have gold or higher status, know you aren't getting special internet. Wifi was consistently awful in the 800 block, 500kbps or less Managed to snag a Jr Suite 2 double sofabed upgrade. Just because you book a single bed, remember, if you do some legwork you can get some nice perks! Great room for the size, especially for a convention center hotel Tons of towels from the housekeeping which was perfect for my cosplaying sisters Sofa bed was extremely taco'd, but I was too tired to care each night Breakfast and lounge are excellent if you are so fortunate enough to get credits for them. Otherwise, breakfast buffet absolutely not worth price of admission Proximity to con can't be beat as runner up to con hotel. If you can't stand loud atrium-style hotels, this is the one you want