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  1. I am once again requesting the youtuber BlazingAzureCrow (whose name is Logan) as he is the maker of Bleach Abridged, Fate Stay Night UBW Abridged, and has done voices for almost every other abridged series on youtube itself in some capacity, he runs Nat19 which is a DnD show and numerous other things. He has shown interest also attending as a guest but hasn't been asked thus far.
  2. This was probably me and yes I had literally just been informed of what to do and you caught me at the start of me doing it. I was replacing someone so they could go on break for a bit. You just happen to get the luck of the draw to be one of the first I assisted.
  3. Cambria Hotel Was a mess with them, not only were they unwilling to print out a reciept at all for me. They also tried to triple charge me for parking. The valet himself was rarely there at all so you could not even get valet parking (I often was finding him just standing in a hallway that you wouldn't normally know about just goofing off). They tried to charge me for towels when I hadn't asked for any towels (I brought my own just in case). Then they tried to change how much it was going to cost me to stay there despite me having a print out of my reservation (I had confirmed the one pri
  4. Apparently Marquis is available for booking. I have a feeling that either mass overbooking was happening or the Marquis themselves didn't have all their rooms up for booking because come the first week of September people were able to book things again. I was able to get 2 rooms from them myself. As of recent checking too there are still some rooms available.
  5. The discord server also has a maximum capacity too so its better to have the BBS board than the discord.
  6. I read in the FAQ that we should expect it to be 2 hours long.
  7. They have said that nothing will be final until next week.
  8. Badge Activation is now operational so you all should be fine now.
  9. After speaking with them Project Mouthwash the youtuber said if asked they'd love to attend Otakon. They work on all sorts of Abridged series on youtuber and also do voice acting in some anime.
  10. Yeah I was also wondering about the Masquerade signups too.
  11. Are these 2 things returning this year as Hiro Lounge hasn't been updated to as it still says 2022. An Lolita Garden is in the Activities as if its still happening but there's no other information about it.
  12. Thank you very much for letting me know.
  13. Out of curiosity does anyone know have a general idea when the maid cafe tickets go on sale? I need to buy 9 of them so I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it.
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