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  1. rangiferina

    2019 Otakon AMV Contest Winners

    DId anyone catch the name of the non-finalist that they couldn't show? (I think it was a Hellsing Ultimate AMV?)
  2. rangiferina

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Overall, a great Otakon! A lot of improvements over last year and it really feels like many of the kinks have been worked out. This is my sixth year in a row (three in Baltimore, three DC) and I don't plan on stopping. The Good - First off, the Guidebook descriptions were MILES better this year, I can't emphasize this enough. My group ended up going to so many cool panels (especially with the Japanese guests) because the descriptions were actually informative and engaging! Such a nice change from last year. Also I appreciated the added years on the video screening descriptions, which I think was a new touch this year? Either way, it was helpful. - Speaking of guests... great lineup! Hirokatsu Kihara and Hiroshi Nagahama especially put on a great show, and I'd love to see them come back again. The Fruits Basket cast was also really charming. - There were so many interesting panels this year, both fan panels and guest panels alike. Picking and choosing my schedule was hard! Just really good stuff all around. I loved the Studio Trigger live drawing and live animation with Naoki Yoshibe too - more of that in the future please! It would have been cool if they could have shown the final drawings and animation during the Closing Ceremonies. - I didn't get to attend any of the concerts, but I liked the variety you had this year. It seemed like a lot of choose from depending on your tastes. - Bag check was pretty painless, and the bag checkers I interacted with were generally pleasant. I also really appreciated the crossing guards outside. - I really appreciated how most of the panel and video rooms were clustered in the same area (especially compared to the first year in DC, when they were spread out all over the place). - Friendly congoers, helpful volunteers, and just a really positive experience all around. The Bad - Only "bad" for me personally (though good for my wallet), but a side effect of so much good programming was that I hardly spent any time in Artist Alley and the Dealers Room, and just people-watching in general. Ah well. - The Promare line was capped by the time we arrived (at the time when lineup was supposed to start), which was a little annoying. I did appreciate that they told us immediately though. Also it meant I had time to finally check out the Dealer's Room/etc (and eat actual dinner!). - Not Otakon's fault, but the KyoAni wall had some inappropriate comments and way too much self-promotion. Come on, guys. Do better. - Sort out the outside food/drink policy with the convention center, and enforce it more consistently. My friends and I brought in water and food every day with no issue at all (granola bars, fruit, jerky, trail mix, peanut butter, crackers, etc.), but as others have said, this wasn't the case with everyone. Considering the price and quality of the food in the convention center, and the apparently poor treatment of the Aramark workers, that ain't great! - Not bad necessarily, but it was a little repetitive having the AMV contest winners screening immediately before Closing Ceremonies (during which they were also (mostly) screened). Only really a problem if you went to both events though, I guess. The Ugly ...Nothing, this year! Again, great con.