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  1. Good - Cannot echo this enough but line control nailed it this year. Number wise it was the same as last year it didn't feel like it as we hardly spent any time just waiting in lines, they were constantly flowing. Opening more entrances and moving the reg line seemed to alleviate a lot of the choke points. - In my experience, I didn't have to wait to get into a lot of the panels I wanted to see, there were always a few empty seats I could slide into which was nice not having to wait in a huge line for them. The only one I couldn't get in to see was the Anime over 30 panel which was also th
  2. My husband and I are running a panel that was previously wait listed, Product Placement in Anime (July 7th we received an email saying due to another panel canceling, we were approved to present this one in its place). Since then we haven’t seen panels updated on the schedule, but I have seen autographs and photoshoots updated. We’ve reached out to Otakon though the contact us part of the website, Facebook and twitter to make sure our panel is still approved as its not showing on the schedule. Is there someone we can contact to make sure this panel is still approved? Or do we need to chec
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