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  1. Kenshi Yonezu I believe in the small ass chance!! Would totally go if he did show up
  2. Not to be a downer but I guess I will ask again since I feel a nagging to do so: My panel didn't make it in again and I'd like to have theories/ guesses as to why (I let fate decide if I went to Otakon or AX depending on which, if any, accepted my panel. AX did, but with all the hassle AX was as a con, I'd much rather jsut stick with Otakon or more local cons in the future.) Any advice for the future is appreciated. It could just be the con had lots of good panels already, even though I submitted my pitch pretty early (January 4th holy cow lol). Maybe Otakon doesn't want to touch the topi
  3. Overall convention feedback in this thread. Please try to keep things as civil as possible. I didn't go this year, I just like hearing about people's experiences, list the good, bad , and ugly of your experience!
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