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  1. *chanting* Lilypichu! Lilypichu! Lilypichu! And DangrrDoll (sp?) if possible too? Also, if the musical guests haven't been set up, would recommend as a change of pace Vietnamese singer/dancer Min
  2. Hyuna, Daoko, Alan Dawa Dolma, an 18+ panel with any gravure models or hentai writers/voice actors available (autographs afterward hopefully?). In that same vein, also suggesting Marica Hase (first Japanese Penthouse Pet)
  3. Also suggesting Bindi Smalls, KARD, VIXX or again debut a new act altogether
  4. Also recommending Tina Guo
  5. Would also like to request list Yaya Han
  6. Stella Chuu, Taemin, Stella Chuu, Dreamcatcher, Stella Chuu, Hyolyn, Stella Chuu, EXO-K (or a sub-unit like CBX), AOA, or debut a J/K-pop act altogether like when VIXX debuted in 2012, BoA(?), I will second Utada Hikaru, Super Junior, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, probably will have other suggestions in another post...