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  1. Potchari

    'Prepping' for Otakon

    I'm already 90% packed. I just have my morning of stuff to pack away. I too made a music playlist to help get me in the mood and hype me up. I've been taking vitamins, but unfortunately yesterday I woke up with an itchy throat, then I developed a sinus headache, and I could feel something brewing. This morning my throat is still dry and itchy but not much else has progressed. Been sipping echinacea tea, gargling warm salt water, staying hydrated and resting. I really want to get this out of my system asap or at least minimize germ spreading symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and runny nose.
  2. It's no more than a city block. The entrance is at the most southern end of the convention center, and the hotel is to the West of it across the street.
  3. Potchari

    Good Weather

    I certainly am. I'm dressing in my new lolita coordinate and I don't want my dress to get wet.
  4. Potchari

    Mailed Badges

    You can always call, or go to usps.com/redelivery. If they have something at the post office that they deemed undeliverable for w/e reason, be it you weren't home, or the mail person didn't feel comfortable leaving it in your mail box, you can reschedule the delivery for another day and give instructions on what to do. I'd also call, because if it says it was delivered but it's not there, I'd be worried about someone snooping through mail and thinking it was a gift card or something, which is unfortunately common.
  5. Potchari

    Question about Concert Queueing

    On the current schedule there appears to be a designated line up period, so my guesses are that there is a designated time and place to line up for the major events since they tend to create the longest lines and draw in the biggest crowds and that can cause fire hazards. But I'm sure an actual staffer will comment soon with a better answer. I just hope they have signage showing where the line should be and staffers ready to improvise. I once went to Sakuracon years ago, and con-goers naturally created a line waiting to go in. But because we weren't lined up the way they wanted us to be (there were no signs or anything in the schedule saying where to be and what to do), they made us all disperse which caused people who'd been waiting in line for a long time to lose all of that waiting (I was one of them). Yeah, there was no guarantees or promises, but a little sympathy would be nice, especially considering the fact that we were cooperative. And then last year when trying to get into the con, there was some miscommunication on where the line was going and where people could enter the building (they had to momentarily redirect the line I think?) and the staffers at the door told us we couldn't go in the way we were told to go in and tried to send us to the back of the line despite the fact that we were the front of the line at that moment.
  6. Potchari

    So yet another anime con comes to New York City

    If you're trying to insinuate that they're trying to steal Anime NYCs crowd, I highly doubt they are. NYCC is a well established convention and it's had an anime portion for quite some time. At best, maybe Anime NYC showed them that they can expand their anime content into its own separate event. Even then, I don't think this is an absolute separate event. Maybe something like... when you go to a themepark, and there's also a waterpark attached to it. You can go to the themepark, or both, or just the waterpark. My only concern is the lack of information when the event is 3 months away. For a premier event, that's probably not a good idea. But then again, NYCC and AX both provide solid events.
  7. Potchari

    Backpack or Messenger Bag?

    Backpacks are fine and recommended as the weight is distributed evenly. Just don't cram the backpack to the brim with stuff, just keep it to some basic necessities.
  8. Potchari

    Hype Thread!

    I might actually add this to my con hype playlist. My playlist is public. I aimed for anime vibe music but not filled with a ton of anime soundtrack music. So everyone can listen!
  9. Potchari

    Anime swap meet?

    For future cons, it might actually be worth asking the convention if they could plan an official swap/anime yard sale event or room. I know Colossalcon does it. When I went, people set up little mini yard sales of their anime merch, and you could swap or buy items.
  10. Potchari

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    I think some people are imagining a massive mob of men marching everywhere through DC who are going to harass everyone and anyone in their wake. I highly doubt it's going to be an issue after last year. Nevertheless, I know it's still a justified concern for certain groups like POC. Hopefully, nothing will come of it. DC is a pretty secure city, and anytime a major city has major events going on they tend to amp up police monitoring the area. Chances are most of us will not even see them, much less the chance to be harassed by them. These are probably men who feel empowered in numbers, but outside of their fellow racists company, they're no more powerful than the rest of us, so they probably won't say or do anything. My tip to everyone is simply to not engage if you do happen to run into these guys. Don't stare at them. Don't say anything to them, even if they say something to you. Especially do not touch them. Pretend they're not there.
  11. Potchari

    Any Chance of a Backup Panel list?

    I remember that. My friends and I were looking at the late night panels to see if it was worth staying at the con that late and saw that a ton of stuff had been canceled.
  12. I've been searching around and I am not finding much. But it seems like last year there were a few things going on. Anyone know of anything?
  13. Potchari

    Any Chance of a Backup Panel list?

    I feel like this is one of those scenarios where no matter what, a group of people will end up frustrated.
  14. Potchari

    Food establishments/entertainment

    We didn't explore much. We just went to the food trucks. Oh and we went to this build your own burger joint kind of like Five Guys. They weren't busy in the least, yet they completely messed up two of our burgers so I am hesitant to recommend that place. I'd say stay away from anything Japanese because you know the weebs will be flocking to those places.
  15. Potchari

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    That would be cool. However, he will be a guest at a con the week before that, and another one the week before that, so I doubt he would want to take on another con.