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    Tokusatsu Game Playtest?

    I’m a local game designer, and I am interested in running some free playtests at Otakon this year for a Tokusatsu-themed tabletop rpg I’ve designed. I have not attended before, and wanted to check if there was space to do something like this (I would need a table with enough chairs to sit seven people) and just if there would be general interest. The game is called Alter Arms and takes place in a setting where henshin-heroes are plentiful, and it’s starting to become a problem. There are just too many devices and powers in the population that allow anyone to transform into a superhuman. the game’s central mechanic revolves around conflict escalation: players can take on their problems in their human forms where they are relatively weak but versatile, or they can take on a stronger form with specified powers and make things more dangerous for themselves or others. let me know if I can run this and/or if there’s an interest. Thanks!