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  1. Generic878

    Capacity of the Friday concert?

    When Otakon staff turn you away - ignore - if I didn’t ignore and didn’t stand my ground I wouldn’t have seen Yoko Kano... What matters here is capacity - does the main event room hold 2,000... more? I don’t think Otakon will break 25k this year... I don’t understand why they don’t post capacity online for planning purposes..
  2. Generic878

    Capacity of the Friday concert?

    Need to know so I can decline a workshop (or not) based on risk of concert filling up? BTW is there a pre-reg count? I didn’t see it online this year.
  3. I hope so but doubt it. The gaming tournament doesn’t like Cross Tag battle as being on an arcade cabinet - it says PS4. I don’t think they have either major con arcade vendor coming... which is unconscionable when you charge $95 for a badge. Regardless the lack of staff clarification on such a key content issue is shameful.
  4. Status? So we have Tokyo Attack or Savepoint? Lack of news is frustrating - hell Collosal East has this info posted...