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    How was your hotel?

    I stayed at the Marriott, it was a nice hotel for the time I was in it except it had no microwave.
  2. I figured the spots were the same as last year my bad but still the amount of people who cosplay there is troublesome as at least twice this year when I used the bridge there was a traffic jam not as bad as the Baltimore skybridge but it was noticable and it may get worse with more people.
  3. Good: The Discotek panel once again was amazing. Media blasters may have been the only company this year to sell something before it's street date this year, it was a adult anime release so I dunno if I should name it here. The people from mangagamer we're delightful to talk to at their booth once again and the panel they had revealed some very interesting information about credit card processing company that was pretty bad to hear, also they announced some awesome games. Beyond the tentacle was perhaps the funniest panel this year I attended and covered some topics I didn't know existed. Manlybattleships panel your wrong and you should feel bad, was hands down the most enjoyable panel this year for me just because they tore star wars a new one. Fridays concert was amazing. Bad: Dealers room needs 2 entrances walking the entire corridor is annoying when the second escalator well could be used for both entrance and exit. The loss of 2 video panels was weird, went from 5 to 3. The lack of Viz in the dealers room sucked, as I waited for the con to purchase JoJo and Hunter x Hunter for the extras they usually throw into the items they sell at the booth. The lack of a photoshoot area, the location outside the gaming hall gets far too crowded at times due to many photoshoots happening at once (official and unofficial) comiket in Japan handles this by setting designated areas outside just for cosplayers to show off and have photos taken, obviously you can't do it outside but a large room or two could suffice. LAVA super kawaii panel was cringeworthy bad improv comedy, didn't really see a panel feedback thread so I thought I'd include this here, half the panel was them doing a madlibs esque improv bit that was just them taking adjectives from the audience and fitting them into a madlibs script they made without trying to augment the script to fit, while shouting silly character names and attack names is funny to some I didn't get it. The 3 headed man bit was funny but that was the first bit and for me at least it went downhill from there. Ugly: Dragonball world tour panel, people have already talked at length so I won't bother. Voice actors after dark getting canceled a day before the con, and the general lack of 18+ panels this year. The final fantasy merch table, on Friday after the concert i wasn't allowed to go to it when leaving the room instead told to go down the stairs to the opposite side of the con, had the mangagamer panel to get to so I said I'll go on Sunday before the concert to buy stuff since I didn't feel like seeing both concerts. Well I get there at around 12.45 and am told at the escalatior no one is allowed up to line up for the concert, I say I just wanna go buy some merch at the merch table and they say I'm still not allowed up. So I didn't get to buy any of the CDs.