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    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    One hour later... Still getting the 404 message. Tried in Firefox, Chrome, and (god help me) Microsoft Edge. I'm on Verizon DSL. My phone (T-Mobile) is also getting the same error. The friends I've asked to try it out also have not been able to reach the portal. Interestingly enough, I can still access the 2018 portal, even if the reservations for it have obviously been closed. But if it's an Experient/ISP issue, I would think I'd have issues excessing any Experient portals at all? Damn, I thought I'd actually be able to get a good room this year since I didn't have work at noon, but I do have work in an hour, and things are unlikely to be resolved before then :c
  2. Poliwhirl

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    Been 404 since noon for me. How are people able to book?? 404 means a missing directory. If it's just the servers being overloaded, it should be a different code.
  3. From my point of view, there's no need for you to apologize. Real life happens, and some responsibilities cannot be shirked. Maybe I'm being too generous to all the people complaining about canceled panels, but I've been interpreting the complaints as being focused more on Otakon in terms of actually communicating that panels had been canceled. In a lot of cases, including the MHA one I was told you were presenting, there wasn't any notice that a panel had been canceled. People just kind of showed up and discovered that the panel had been canceled or replaced with something else. In the worst case, the DBZ one, people waited and waited, only to be told half an hour into the timeslot that the panel wasn't happening at all. Still, thanks for popping in to apologize. It's very kind of you to worry about the people affected. I hope your first day went well and that you've settled into your new school. Hope to see you at a future Otakon!
  4. Poliwhirl

    Otakon 2018 AMV Theater Playlists

    Oops. Sorry Thank you!
  5. Poliwhirl

    Panelist Appreciation Thread / Requests

    Kumihimo Braiding Workshop - The presenter did a fantastic job! We entered the room, and she was just super organized and ready to go. There were little kits already placed at each seat with all the necessary supplies and an instruction sheet. As she was going through the instructions, she had slow-motion videos for each step playing on repeat on the screen, so it was really easy to follow along. If anyone had trouble, she had assistants also going through the room to help out. The project she chose was also really simple, so it was perfect for a beginner's workshop and fit just within the hour block the workshop was assigned. And we get a cool trinket to take home with us! Amigurumi Basics: Pusheen - In total contrast to the Kumihimo Workshop, this was kind of a hot mess. There weren't enough supplies for everyone in the room. The instructions to make a Pusheen are anything but "basic," and the steps were also poorly-explained. Some of my friends have experience with amigurumi and crocheting, and even they were confused =/ Japanese Cuisine: More than Just Ramen - Informative panel. Presenters compiled a neat powerpoint presentation, but it wasn't anything ground-breaking. Everything they showed were things that most people are already acquainted with if they're watching anime. I think the presentation could be improved if they went into more obscure foods or picked out some of the regional differences between some of the foods. For a panel that wants to go into "more than just ___" it still felt like a generic Japanese food presentation. Breaking Hero Stereotypes in Ghibli Films - I was actually really disappointed by this one. The panel was more or less a summary of some of Hayao Miyazaki's better-known films, and the way they were summarized really didn't make it sound like Ghibli had broken any stereotypes at all. They boiled the storylines down to "finding yourself, connecting with others" and those aren't new for a hero's journey. Whether it was just forgetting due to nerves or poor preparation, the presenters didn't seem very knowledgeable on their subject matter (i.e. forgetting Chihiro's name, not knowing the name of the castle in the sky). There's potential in this panel, since Studio Ghibli has definitely broken hero stereotypes in the protagonists (and antagonists) they've chosen. Next time, figure out what stereotypes you're going to talk about and draw up some concrete examples that defy those stereotypes (and also, actually know the names of crucial points. Write them down somewhere, for the brainfreeze emergency). Also, Studio Ghibli is more than just Hayao Miyazaki. I think Grave of the Fireflie's Seita deserves a shoutout in this category, at the very least. +2 Comedy - 18+ panels are pretty much never my thing, but their Tentacles panel is always fun to go to just for their comedic value and the silly games they play. They mentioned that they'd like the chance to do an actual comedy panel. It'd be cool if Otakon could give them that shot next year. Iyashikei Anime and the Joy of Doing Nothing - This was a nice, relaxing panel to go to first thing in the morning, right out of bed. Made me want to go back to sleep almost. But that's a good thing! The panel was fun and soothing, just like its subject matter, and the panelists covered lots of examples of Iyashikei while also delving into what makes an Iyashikei anime what it is. Definitely learned something new and am glad to know that there is a difference between iyashikei and slice of life. Unfortunately, my to-watch list is now much longer than it started. New Anime for Older Fans - I go to this every year, just to save myself the trouble of wading through all the new possibilities each season. Got some good out of it, but wasn't that interested in most of the suggested titles. All About Japanese Sweets - This was fun! They covered a lot of sweets, but didn't just do an endless list. They had a lot of fun with it, covered the history of some sweets, showed examples of regional varieties and special flavors, and went more in-depth than I've seen most food panels do. Now, I just have an urge to go to that specialty KitKat store T_T Taiko Drum - (This was Sunday, fyi.) This panel/performance was a lot of fun. You can see the passion and joy that each of them has for their art, and they clearly have a lot of fun performing together. They set themselves up around the room, so the room was literally booming with sound, and it was really cool to see their choreography up close. Between songs, they took questions from the audience and went into the history behind taiko drumming and their own history. It was a lot of fun and super energizing. Would love to see them back again next year! I think that's about it? I went to a few other ones too, and a few other ones were canceled, but these were the ones I really found myself thinking about after leaving the room. P.S. Anyone know what happened to the Biology of MHA panel? It's still listed in my guidebook app, but everywhere else, it was replaced with a Higurashi panel?? Is my app bugged?
  6. Poliwhirl

    How was your hotel?

    My group stayed at the Grand Hyatt Washington this year. The Good: - It was a quick walk to the convention center and to various food places in the area - Staff was very polite and made check-in/out a breeze! They also didn't give us any trouble about having five people in the room, surprisingly. - Housekeeping was also really nice. We had the privacy doorhanger up on our room, but they happened to see us as we were leaving the room, so they asked if they we wanted anything. Kindly gave us a few extra towels <3 - Lots of elevators, so for once, we didn't have to take the stairs just to get our luggage back to the ground floor on the last day lol -Huuuuge lobby space, plus another level under that with more couches where their meeting rooms are located, so it's easy to find a place to settle down and play board games since the rooms are too cramped for that The Bad: - As mentioned, the room was kind of cramped. Plus everyone's luggage, swag, shoes, cosplay gear, and other miscellany taking up what little extra space there was, we were just trying not to trip over each other. - No continental breakfast :c Altogether, pretty good! I do think a better room could be found for the price they charged, especially since all that extra money seems to have been used on their fancy lobby, but it's still a pretty nice hotel and I had a great experience with the staff. The one thing I'll note is that there is a Japanese restaurant named Umaya around the corner from the hotel (we could see it from our room window). Don't fall for it! The food is overpriced and nothing amazing.
  7. Poliwhirl

    Otakon 2018 AMV Theater Playlists

    Thanks for the amv compilation! Any chance you can mark which ones won the contest? I missed the timeslot and closing ceremonies unfortunately :c