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  1. My favorite was easily the Japonisme panel. I knew some of the basics from previous art history lessons, but I never really knew how many of the trends in 19th century art were in part reactions to Japanese art (be it in imitation of it or a reaction against it), and he didn't shy away from some of the more uncomfortable truths in that history. The presenter works for a museum and that experience really served him well, as his presentation was well-researched and well-presented. Art of the Eyecatch was fun. Not necessarily a lot of concrete information in that one, but still a good sho
  2. As the presenter of Shojo Manga's Lost Generation: thank you! I put a lot of love and research into that panel, and I'm glad it came through. Overall I enjoyed most of the panels I attended and in most cases any complaints I had were minor ones. BIRTH, DEATH & REBIRTH OF THE OVA: I do agree that it wasn't as paced as well as it should be, although the presenter noted that this was his first time running the panel. Being a little more selective about clips and/or using shorter ones in the future would fix that easily. I just figured his repeating himself was due either to nerve
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