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  1. The Good: Line Management. The staff clearly learned the right lessons from last year, which was doubly important considering the dangerously hot weather this last weekend. Most of the time I could waltz right in through the front door, even with the bag check, and never get stuck waiting. I was absolutely incredulous to learn that attendance was another 2k higher than last year because it absolutely did not feel like that, not even at the height of Saturday. The choice to bring in some Spanish-language dub actors was an inspired choice and a welcome bit of variety as far as gue
  2. Some of my roommates went to this panel and said something very similar, that the translator was clearly not familiar with sci-fi lit and terminology, even when the author was clearly name-dropping people like Octavia Butler and Ursula le Guin. I also want to note that based on my own observed experience and those from my roommates, sound issues seemed to be a common issue with panels this year, particularly with those early in the mornings. I get that there are only so many sound techs to go around, but it was a mildly frustrating thing for the panelists and audience alike. That be
  3. As I noted in the Good/Bad/Ugly thread, I didn't have the issue with the panel variety that others did as far as the all-age selections were concerned (the 18+ ones were a different story). That being said: The Wild World of Gundam Merchandise - This was a fun way to ease into my busiest day for panel. Just a nice, casual, curated selection of oddball merch. The only thing I have that remotely resembles a complaint is that I would have like to have seen more merch from AU shows versus the UC ones. The Sound of Anime - More technical than expected (that's what you get when the pane
  4. The Good: - Having good sensible Covid policies and sticking to them. Far too many cons of Otakon's size (and larger) went back on their policies or were not good about enforcing them, much to the peril of their attendees. Otakon managed to learn well from those cons who did stick to their guns policy-wise and mask compliance was even better than last year (and last year was pretty good). Best of all, based on what I've seen from my own friend group, the policy was a success - not a single positive test thus far! - Having badge pick-up at the partner hotels. I wasn't able to mak
  5. My favorite was easily the Japonisme panel. I knew some of the basics from previous art history lessons, but I never really knew how many of the trends in 19th century art were in part reactions to Japanese art (be it in imitation of it or a reaction against it), and he didn't shy away from some of the more uncomfortable truths in that history. The presenter works for a museum and that experience really served him well, as his presentation was well-researched and well-presented. Art of the Eyecatch was fun. Not necessarily a lot of concrete information in that one, but still a good sho
  6. As the presenter of Shojo Manga's Lost Generation: thank you! I put a lot of love and research into that panel, and I'm glad it came through. Overall I enjoyed most of the panels I attended and in most cases any complaints I had were minor ones. BIRTH, DEATH & REBIRTH OF THE OVA: I do agree that it wasn't as paced as well as it should be, although the presenter noted that this was his first time running the panel. Being a little more selective about clips and/or using shorter ones in the future would fix that easily. I just figured his repeating himself was due either to nerve
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