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  1. So first, on my honor, I did follow Otakon's Covid policy. But the only reason I went last year was to find out first hand how exploitable that policy was. I decided to test the negative test exception to the vaccination requirement. So I got the test done at CVS, printed out the results at home on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, and there was no checking that my test result was legitimate. I could have just taken an earlier test result, fudged the dates on it, and showed that. Or even taken someone else's test results and slapped my name on it. Now, I certainly agree that
  2. Not sure why you would have been prevented, I had no problem getting into the convention center Thursday to get my 18+, and I also had my badge mailed.
  3. Prior to July 1, the COVID policies stated that if someone is to present a negative PCR test, it must be dated no earlier than July 27. Didn't give much time to get one before con, but at least you knew for certain when the cutoff date was. With the updated policy on July 1, it now says "no more than 3 days prior to picking up your badge", which leaves things less clear to me. So someone who won't be in until Friday has 1 less day with which to get a PCR test than someone who is able to come in on Thursday? I'm guessing these are going to be like the 18+ wristbands and are designed to
  4. So how exactly is this vaccination policy going to work? What is considered acceptable proof, when does it need to be shown, and what about people who are unable to be vaccinated? Thank you.
  5. Seconded. Which speaking of, the panelists had asked people to rate the panel in the GuideBook app, which in past years was possible, but I couldn't figure out how to do that this year. Other panels I enjoyed: -Swansongs and Bullets -FukaFuka: Kemonomimi Through the Years -Veterinary Medicine for Monster Girls -Samus Vs. Ridley: A Metroid Historia -Easy Japanese Cooking There was also one panel I was looking forward to, but which seemed to have been cancelled. When the schedule first went up on the website it was there, but by the time the schedule was rele
  6. So we're now in August, and the website still lists the dealers hall and artist alley booth applications as "TBD". I'm not looking to sign up for either, just a little worried there won't be either this year. https://www.otakon.com/info/open/
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