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  1. So who would guys want to see next year at Otakon 2020? Some of my choices are... -Spike Spencer -Alejandro Saab -Daman Mills -Christine Marie Cabanos -Billy Kametz -Tia Ballard -Brianna Knickerbocker -J Michael Tatum -Brandon McInnis -Ben Diskin -Kayli Mills -Sean Chiplock -Monica Rial -Micah Solusod -Crispin Freeman -Megan Shipman -Amanda Winn Lee -Aaron Dismuke -Ricco Fajardo -Lindsay Seidel -Brittany Karbowski & -David Wald
  2. Would love to see.......these people in the future.... Monica Rial Tia Ballard Yuri Lowethal Steve Blum Andrew Love Justin Briner Dani Chambers Brian Mathis Vic Mignogna J. Michael Tatum Brandon McCinnis Sean Schemmel Christopher Sabat Laura Bailey Travis Willingham Colleen Clikenbeard Luci Christian Michelle Ruff Christine Marie Cabanos Stephanie Sheh Patrick Seitz Trina Nishimura Bryce Papenbrook (again!) Josh Grelle (again!!! Please) Cherami Leigh (Again!) Todd Haberkorn (again!) Max Mittleman (again!) Erika Harlacher Erica Mendez Crispin Freeman Jerry Jewell Joel McDonald Ian Sinclair Cassandra Lee Morris Kari Walgren Christina Vee Michael Sinterniklaas Carrie Keranen Wendee Lee Greg Ayres and bring back Johnny Yong Bosch