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    Hello Con-Goers!! We booked a suite for Otakon at the Convention Center Cambria Hotel with two queen beds for two nights. The room is female only while the living room with the pull-out couch is co-ed. So we don't have too many people we're going to have about four people in the room with two girls to a bed at 250 each, or 400 if you'd like a bed to yourself, 200 for the co-ed room so either bring a cot or rotate for the pull-out bed. We might be able to bring a cot so let us know if you need one! Room has Refrigerator, Two TVs, WiFi, Wheelchair accessible & Bathtub, and is booked for three nights starting Thursday, and is $50 extra if you want to stay for a third night starting on Thurs. Ride shares also available from the Tri-State area Service dogs welcome!