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  1. Sorry take out Vic’s name! All the others are fine
  2. I actually posted something earlier in February and I want to take out a few names because I know I put Vic’s name on here but I have changed mind after quite a few months, so please don’t look at that one because I really don’t want him to come. Also I am already happy that Erika Harlacher, E. Jason Liebrecht, Elizabeth Maxwell, & Kari Wahlgren have been invited. Here are a few people I would love to see! Yuri Lowenthal Ben Diskin Brina Palencia J Michael Tatum Brandon McInnis Stephanie Sheh Wendee Lee Chris Guerrero Felecia Angelle Michael Sinterniklaas Michelle Ruff Ian Sinclair and those are just a few
  3. I would love to see the guests from last year return at some point, it doesn’t exactly have to be this year but I Love would to see.... Bryce Papenbrook Cherami Leigh Erica Mendez Max Mittleman Ray Chase Josh Grelle Todd Haberkorn Robbie Daymond Johnny Yong Bosch Kyle McCarley a new selection of people who I would love to see are.... Vic Mignogna Monica Rial Yuri Lowenthal Kyle Hebert Michelle Ruff Cassandra Lee Morris Steve Blum Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Dani Chambers Jeannie Tirado Justin Briner Jamie Marchi J. Michael Tatum Brina Palencia Luci Christian Alexis Tipton Clifford Chapin David Matranga Austin Tindle Travis Willingham Laura Bailey Micah Solusod Jerry Jewell Lauren Landa Trina Nishamura Dante Basco Patrick Seitz Ian Sinclair Joel McDonald and that’s all I can think of for now.