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  1. leonidoshogun

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Think we could have Roger Clark and Robie Weitoff from the Red Dead Redemption 2 series
  2. We did till you came in Lol I’m entitled to my opinion so it’s called guest requests for a reason
  3. But like I said we don’t even know if those rumors 30 years ago are true
  4. Yep and I solely agree with but it’s wrong on how both sides take this
  5. id say the same thing with Brett Kavanaugh and Johnny Depp But we never know Honestly it’s just my opinion on the situation some might be true some might be false people want us to believe the victims to be honest as much as I want to yeah some may be true but it’s two sides to every story people lie
  6. Like I said before Innocent Until Proven Guilty not the other way around it’s like that in the amendments I certainly don’t believe he did those things honestly but I don’t know because these are just accusations some can be true some can be false people can have opinions on this situation just like the fans Vic fans threaten people behind his back and he wants people to spread positivity and he cant keep up with every fan just like Monica and Jamie
  7. Look lets just say I was young and stupid it happens it was two woman I thought I could get but I got played I’m just gonna keep it simple once again it’s none of your buisness unless I give it to you I put that out there to say that it was fair how he was treated
  8. Look I’m not gonna believe the accusers unless I have a gut feeling all the stuff is true or unless I see a police report but once again it’s none of our damn businesses we don’t know it’s true or not I saw against Vic was just some stupid stuff Vic has to pay for his own lawyer like we don’t know how his money works we know nothing Jamie has her own go fund me I don’t think he should pay for something it’s two sides to every story and we have two sides who’s making the situations out of control so yeah we all have our own opinions
  9. Nope not changing my story it’s none of your buisness and second most of that money is going to legal fees it costs money to have a lawyer and yes no one maybe claiming but also maybe it’s none of your buisness as well WE DONT KNOW if the stuff against Vic is true or not I’m not lying about serious ---- like this we don’t know nothing once the court cases come I just think it was unfairly unjust on what he’s receiving
  10. Not a lot of people are given fair trials or stuff in this type of situations
  11. Well I should’ve put from experience I just didn’t think he wasn’t given a fair advantage did anyone else give you their case number yes or no?
  12. Keep in mind it’s my case my privacy it’s even in the amendments I don’t have to show you anything unless it’s my decisions
  13. Me and my friends want Vic as a guest it’s as simple as that it’s called guest requests for a reason