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  1. Now that some of the autograph sessions have been added to the schedule, are there are any plans to hold autograph sessions for the Japanese Fruits Basket voice cast OUTSIDE of the ticketed meet-and-greet hosted by Funimation? I'm seeing that there are two panels on Saturday to feature those voice actors as part of the FBasket promotions. One of which is "Fruits Basket Panel Presented by Funimation [G]" at 11am and the second is at 3:45pm and doesn't appear to be the Funimation-sponsored panel but still focuses on their Fruits Basket work. Will there be opportunities for fans of those voice actors to meet them for autographs or photo opportunities that don't specifically have to do with Fruits Basket? It seems unusual to invite Japanese guests but expect fans to only see them for one specific show, even if there are commercial promotions involved. For example, I doubt everyone who would want to see Makoto Furukawa are going to ignore the fact that he's also Saitama from "One Punch Man." Please consider the interests of the fans and allow those outside of those 50 ticket-holders to see those guests if the option hasn't already been considered. Thanks.