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  1. Thank you, I am 100% going to Kari's panel then. I guess the only question I have left is that the schedule only lists the panel time and not the autograph session time, is it within that time or immediately following?
  2. So there is still a possibility you could take a selfie if it is noted for the specific guest guess I'll have to wait until I get there to see. By guest panel it is just a typical convention autograph session, correct? This autograph system is strange and foreign to me, are autographs unless noted are free, is there a limit to how many you can get? I am talking no more than 3. Sorry to be asking 20 questions this is my first time.
  3. Hello I have a question regarding autograph prices and line wait times for a couple of guests. How much will autographs be for Kari Wahlgren and Richard Epcar, can you also take a selfie at their table (since some guests depending on which one), and how long would their line wait times be through their sessions. I have been dying to meet Kari for such a long time now and I worry that since I am only attending on Saturday that the possibility of it being first come first serve might prevent me from getting to see her, and that would crush me and make me think that I wasted my time coming in the
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