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  1. We had a higher than usual number of people walk out in the first ten minutes of the panel, probably because of this reason! That said, I don't think our Guidebook description was misleading so I suspect these people just didn't read it. I hope you enjoyed the panel even if it's not significantly different from last year. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Out of curiosity, what gets a panel flagged for potential inappropriate content? There's too many panels going on to apply this level of scrutiny to each and every one of them, and there's clearly potentially borderline panels (ex: this year's yakuza and yandere panels) that the staff are comfortable with. I imagine the application content is a big part of it? EDIT: To be clear, I don't think this is what happened to us (we've run Sword Lesbians at Ota multiple times so it's a known quantity at this point). I'm just curious to know what about the panel(s) that did run into this was likely
  3. In chronological order: Thinking About Anime 102: The Basis of Textual Criticism - I was a bit nervous going into this one, but it was great. The presenter clearly knew his stuff and walked the audience through various angles of criticism in an easy to follow manner that also wasn't boring for people with more existing knowledge in the area. (It was also easy to follow even if you weren't familiar with the series he was using for examples). Fun and informative. The History of Magical Girls - I didn't end up staying very long at this one. It felt disorganized and more li
  4. I was trying to explain why it had initially made me uncomfortable, not disagree. I'm very fried from this weekend plus the drive back home so sorry if I'm not the most coherent right now.
  5. That's good to hear, and I'm glad they're aware of how it looks. I helped run one of the panels involved in this and we did not request a late night slot (in fact we did the opposite) but wound up getting one anyway. They pushed us forward a few hours when we asked but it was still well after the typical room clear - that combined with hearing other panelists report getting grilled about 18+ content when requesting a schedule change didn't exactly bode well. It's possible that there's a few people involved making less than ideal choices (again, anecdotal grilling) but I'm extremely relieved to
  6. The Good - I want to give a massive shout out to everyone running the photo suite this year. I know they were short staffed on photographers but they all worked really hard to make the experience good anyway, and were super transparent about how long things would likely take. Hats off to them. - Programming variety was much better this year (as was the panelist experience). There was a lot of variety in general, honestly, since the artist's alley and dealer's room also had good variety and weren't dominated by merch for the same 2-3 shows as it has been in some years. - Moving p
  7. Honestly I'm not sure where it was announced - I was given a last minute heads up by a friend and I don't know where she got that information. Probably Twitter? I agree that the fan panels were unusually weak this year, plus a lot of the usual mainstays were missing (I.e. Bad Anime Bad and New Anime for Older Fans). Hope this gets fixed for next year.
  8. (Crossing my fingers that none of my panels are on this list 😨) Yeah this is the #1 most common failure mode of fan panels, IMHO. I have no idea how to fix it though since it's not feasible for the con to vet someone's entire presentation ahead of time. Maybe allow some kind of panelist feedback after the con from attendees so at least it can be brought to people's attention?
  9. I spent longer than I'd have liked in panel ops Friday morning (my partner ran into a glitch activating her badge... Not anyone's fault, just bad luck) so I got to see how things progressed. Things were mostly under control when I first got there but by the time things picked up there was a lot of confusion about who needed to do what and go where in the process of pick up waiver -> return waiver -> activate badge -> get ribbon, so everyone ended up in one giant line for everything. Honestly, stuff happens sometimes and in the end this bit was relatively minor. If not for the ot
  10. Good: Both photoshoots I attended were amazing. People in general were all really happy to be back after 1-2 years and the atmosphere was excellent and friendly. My three panels for the most part went really well and the audience was great. The AV and panel room staff were also excellent. I also had an awesome time at the idol showcase! Bad: Panel ops seemed like it was having a lot of issues this year. In roughly chronological order: - The panel application deadline wasn't announced until ~2 weeks before applications closed, and as far as I can tell it wasn't announced very clearly.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Technically we did have it on the slide but in retrospect we didn't really make it clear that there was a sequel. We'll definitely rework that part a bit if we run this again - given the number of games we crammed in if that's our biggest mistake I consider that a success 😵
  12. Can confirm, it wasn't great for vegetarians this year. There were some extra veggie options with the food stalls in the dealer's room, but the lines to get in meant we couldn't actually get in when we were free to get lunch Saturday. I'm not sure why the food (and autographs) weren't separated from the dealer's hall and given their own separate entrance. Also there should really have been at least one vegetarian option at the grab and go places, but oh well 🤷
  13. Here's the panels I went to and what I thought: Veterinary Medicine for Monster Girls This one was great! It was super fun as well as super informative. I think it could have benefited from having set specific times for questions instead of just answering them as people yelled them out throughout the whole panel, but that's just a nitpick. Bad Anime Bad This panel is always a hilarious(ly painful) highlight of the weekend and this was no exception. Happy 20th paneling anniversary, and here's to many more terrible years! Genres of Non Traditional Idol I got up earl
  14. Figured I'd kick this off since it didn't exist yet. Full disclosure, I co-ran three panels this year (Beyond Persona, Ace Attorney on Trial, and Sword Lesbians in Anime) so this is a tiny bit self-serving 🙃🙃🙃🙃
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