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  1. Hotel -- Our group stayed at the Washington Mariott Marquis and checked in on Friday morning. Thanks to the help of our wonderful bellhops, unloading the car was impressively efficient and the front desk staff had us checked into a room with the requested two double beds in moments. This was the easiest hotel arrival I’ve experienced at Otakon in years. Our room itself was decently spacious and comfortable with a great view of the street outside. All public restrooms and common areas were kept clean despite the large number of guests staying for the convention that weekend. Finally, the wai
  2. ANIBeat Idol Festival Concert [F+] – The women who organized and performed in this concert were amazingly talented. Each had their own unique idol persona and strengths while the song choices contained a nice variety – so there truly was something for everyone here. I was also incredibly impressed by the craftsmanship and musical skill that went into each performance. Developing a persona (complete with interests, cheers, and color of choice), assembling a costume, learning the songs (often in Japanese!) and dance routines, and having the nerve to put it all together on stage is no small feat!
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