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  1. If I had to request a few people, I would like to see for the first time or again!: Amber Lee Connors Dawn Bennett Erika Harlacher Faye Mata and Arnie Pantoja (Faye tweeted this and she mentioned he is interested in going to some anime conventions!) Some of the Chainsaw man dub cast: Ryan Colt Levy Regan Murdock Suzie Yeung Sarah Wiedenheft Bryn Apprill Katelyn Barr
  2. Other VAs I want to see for next year: Crispin Freeman Billy Kametz Tara Platt Allegra Clark Johnny Yong Bosch Also, I have non-VA requests but I would love to see Luxlo Cosplay? Plus, is it possible to get Bang Zoom as guests and do their panel for voice acting?
  3. Okay so for my request, I would love to see: Cristina Vee Xander Mobus Cassandra Lee Morris Brianna Knickerbocker Kayli Mills Greg Chun Matt Mercer Laura Post
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