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  1. To Whom it May Concern: 

    Hello! My name is Gage, and in the cosplay community I go by the lovely name of Hideyo Mochimo. I'm a Colorado based cosplayer that has been cosplaying since 2006. In that time frame, I have made upwards of 200 cosplays, ranging in anime to Disney to even the obscure like Broadway! I specialize in sewing, but also participate in my own wig-styling and prop making, as well as makeup artistry! 

    After looking into Otakon, I thought I would reach out and offer up my services as a cosplay guest, if that is something your convention would be interested in. In the past, I have judged several contests, as well as run several panels ranging from things such as Crossplay and Genderbend 101, to Costume Safety, and Cosplay and Confidence! 

    Past conventions that I have had the honor to guest at are IdeaCon in Colorado, Starfest in Colorado, Anime Weekend Atlanta in Georgia, and upcoming I will be guesting at KawaiiKon in Hawaii and ThyGeekdomCon in Pennsylvania. I have won several awards for my cosplay craftmanship including Runner-up to Best in Show, Judge's Choice, and Best in Category, as well as for my performance skills (I recently won Best in Intermediate Performance and Best in Overall Performance at Anime Banzai). 

    If what I can offer sounds like something you would be interested in, we can absolutely talk compensation as well as expectations for what you would like from a cosplay guest at Otakon. Let me know if you would be interested in having me as a guest for your upcoming convention! 

    Thank you so much, have a great day! 

    Gage Gerardi (Hideyo Mochimo) 

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