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  1. I've stayed in the Marriott every year since the move to DC and unfortunately there are no microwaves. We did try to request one, as suggested above, but if I recall correctly they said it was "a fire hazard" so they did not offer that in any of the rooms even with request. A huge bummer honestly since the room only has a coffee maker and mini fridge. Some 7-11s will let you heat up food although we did not try! We ended up just eating the expenses.
  2. I have my masks all ready but I also wanted some clarification too if possible! The Marriot Marquis is following CDC guidelines and states that all vaccinated visitors do not need to wear a mask inside the hotel. At what point will Otakon be mandating masks? Before the elevator down? In the tunnel? Also, unrelated, but does anyone know if bag check still happening given the current circumstances?
  3. I usually see this topic pop up by now but I understand there is still some uncertainty regarding many things. I thought I'd kick it off though and ask: What are your cosplay plans? What are you working on, if anything? I always look forward to hearing and seeing what everyone plans! I hope to see you all at Otakon this year! My own plans are as followed (assuming that everything works out and I get it done in time 😅) Barbara from Genshin Impact Azusa Aizawa from I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Nezuko from Demon Slayer
  4. I've been constantly refreshing and checking since 8:59 and it never showed up. I also saw the Courtyard, Embassy Suites, and another hotel pop up briefly. I have two tabs up (one signed in and one not) and am getting 2 different hotel lists currently. Edit; As of 9:11 it was available and I have reserved! I do want to note that it did not show up for my signed in account at first, so if it still isn't showing up for someone, please try a different tab, not signed in!
  5. The title of this thread freaked me out for a moment because I thought I missed the announcement of the time/date of it opening. 😅 But I'm happy that is not the case! Fingers cross I get lucky this year!
  6. I'm really sad to see the con not happening this year but it was bound to happen and I think it was a hard but good choice to make! I do second this ( ^^^^^ )! I would love to buy some 2020 merchandise if that's something that can be made available!
  7. This would be amazing! I always miss out on the concerts so it would be cool to see the past ones!
  8. Assuming everything goes well my cosplay plans for this Otakon are: Kinu/Selkie (FE:F) - She's done! I brought her last year so just need to brush out the wig, ears, and tail a bit! Thouzer/Souther (HNK) - He's a huge maybe! Depends on if I get everything done in time. Nezuko (KNY) - I just need to dye the kimono silk, wait for my lining to arrive, and actually assemble/sew my komon. Everything else for her is done! Mikazuki Munechika (TR) - Armor painting and he's done! I was going to do Sword/Shield but I'm swamped this year. I will definitely try to find you and take a pictur
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