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  1. I've been constantly refreshing and checking since 8:59 and it never showed up. I also saw the Courtyard, Embassy Suites, and another hotel pop up briefly. I have two tabs up (one signed in and one not) and am getting 2 different hotel lists currently. Edit; As of 9:11 it was available and I have reserved! I do want to note that it did not show up for my signed in account at first, so if it still isn't showing up for someone, please try a different tab, not signed in!
  2. The title of this thread freaked me out for a moment because I thought I missed the announcement of the time/date of it opening. 😅 But I'm happy that is not the case! Fingers cross I get lucky this year!
  3. I'm really sad to see the con not happening this year but it was bound to happen and I think it was a hard but good choice to make! I do second this ( ^^^^^ )! I would love to buy some 2020 merchandise if that's something that can be made available!
  4. This would be amazing! I always miss out on the concerts so it would be cool to see the past ones!
  5. Assuming everything goes well my cosplay plans for this Otakon are: Kinu/Selkie (FE:F) - She's done! I brought her last year so just need to brush out the wig, ears, and tail a bit! Thouzer/Souther (HNK) - He's a huge maybe! Depends on if I get everything done in time. Nezuko (KNY) - I just need to dye the kimono silk, wait for my lining to arrive, and actually assemble/sew my komon. Everything else for her is done! Mikazuki Munechika (TR) - Armor painting and he's done! I was going to do Sword/Shield but I'm swamped this year. I will definitely try to find you and take a pictur
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