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  1. For me it depends on how much scientists know by then about the vaccine's effectiveness. Ill be getting my 2nd shot in a couple of weeks but the cdc still doesnt know how long the vaccine's protection lasts and if you can still catch & spread covid-19 despite now being protected from the worse of it. Which is important cause I know not all con-goers are willing to be vaccinated (such as my friends). I dont wanna bring danger to myself & to family back home. I havent been to Otakon since 2017 cause I really disliked the new location. Early 2020 I told myself id give it another go
  2. I will never like DC more than Baltimore. Baltimore's Harbor and the area in general was a significant reason why I loved Otakon. Now its in boring, gray, DC surrounded by nothing but boring gray buildings. I went to Otakon in DC the first year and havent been back since. Atmosphere means a lot to me and the atmosphere just isnt the same anymore. I even liked the old building better. I dont understand the complaints. Cons are always crowded, so what. Ugh. Why DC. Nothing else was available lol? Rant over.
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