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  1. Another actress who I am really interested in seeing is Bridget Hoffman. She's done it all from appearing in the first Evil Dead movie poster to voicing Belldandy, Shinobu Maehara, Mizuho Kazami, and Mima Kirigoe.
  2. Now I am wondering if Alison Viktorin would accept an invite. I have literally lived under a rock all this time not knowing she's Detective Conan! I mostly know her as Kobato Hasegawa in Haganai and Yui Kashii in Hajimete no Gal.
  3. Dub actors: Steve Blum Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Juliet Simmons Carrie Keranen Cristina Vee Stephanie Sheh Joshua Seth Melissa Fahn Seiyuu: Noriko Hidaka Megumi Hayashibara Kappei Yamaguchi Kikuko Inoue Yui Horie
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