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  1. Who is β€˜He Who Should Not Be Named’? πŸ€”
  2. Would you consider inviting D.C. Douglas the Dub and video game VA. His three big characters are Yoshikage Kira of JoJo, Albert Wesker of Resident Evil for at least 11 years, and Kamoshida in Persona 5.
  3. Hey friends! I'm suggesting Mr. D.C. Douglas as a potential guest for Otakon 2021. He's famous for being Kira in Jojo, Wesker in the Resident Evil games, and has many more great voice acting credits. When I asked if he would come to the East Coast for a con he replied that he would if the convention heads contacted him and did their thing. I'm just putting the idea into air. What are you guys thoughts?
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