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  1. If yo ugot the time you could probably get the fabric, get it cut and do a quick stitch to put it on a shirt, it might even look better if its falling off a bit with that middle age distressed look. Like it could a be a hybrid of Steven and Carl from ATHF
  2. Im going as inosuke this year, even going out to get a hair cut and dye by some fancy proffessional, I'm usually a sports clips guy. I might also as big boss after he gets his eye shot out, still working the makeup for that though. Very excited and hope the inosukes at the convention this year don't get badgered like last year.
  3. At the 2021 Otakon event there was an issue regarding male toplessness for cosplay reasons. This resulted in WEW staff requesting men cosplaying in a beach appropriate outfit, ie inosuke, to put a short on. The issue was resolved in the favor of cosplayers, but what is the policy this year regarding male toplessness for cosplay reasons.
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