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  1. I had a question regarding what is acceptable documentation for proof of vaccination status? I lost my COVID Vaccination card but was able to obtain documentation from my pharmacy that I was vaccinated. Unfortunately, they do not give out the little white cards when you lose the original. I was told on the Facebook Group that Otakon only accepts the little card or CLEAR app but my state doesn't use that app. Can we please have clear guidance on what is acceptable documentation for providing vaccination status?? Also, I had my badge mailed to me to AVOID the long lines, if I had know
  2. I wanted to know what the policy currently is on proof of vaccination because I lost my COVID Vaccination card but was able to obtain proof that I have been vaccinated from my pharmacy. They gave me print outs of each vaccine I received but have been reading the Facebook group people are saying that Otakon will NOT accept my very LEGITIMATE vaccination documentation because its not on the card or through the CLEAR app. I have no way of obtaining a white vaccination card and my state doesn't do the CLEAR app. Can we please get clarification on what documentation will be accepted because we
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