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  1. I'd love to send in a request for Kotaro Uchikoshi! Most recently, he was the writer for AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative, and has previously directed the first game in the series, as well as the Zero Escape series.
  2. The good: All of my groups workshops and panels went really well! The staff in the rooms were excellent helping us set up, keeping with crowd control, and getting additional materials if we needed them. Also providing adapters!!! We present at so many cons and literally no other con does this. Forgot our iPad adapter by accident and staff had one! Awesome! And big thank you to attendees of any of our programming - they were all so full!! (Haikyuu: How to Volleyball!, Contemporary Dance for Cosplayers, Design Your Own Magical Girl, Anime Openings that Slap) Had no issues with lines - quick
  3. We were so excited to be back and we're so glad we could get as many people possible into the room!!! Thanks so much again! When something "slaps," that means it's really good! It hits! We mostly like to include songs that make you want to dance or sing along. Thanks for some suggestions! We do start out with a super long list and have to reduce it to fit the hour. Our first/last time presenting this was in 2019 and we tried to use 90% different openings from last time! We also try to include a variety of genres!
  4. Hi! I ran Anime Openings that Slap today and a few people asked about a list of the openings! Here we go: Death Parade Dororo Ya Boy Kongming Tokyo Ghoul Black Butler (Circus Arc) Haikyuu season 3 Highschool of the Dead Naruto Opening 4 Attack on Titan the Final season part 2 Domestic Girlfriend Black Clover opening 3 Bleach opening 6 Steins;Gate Inuyashiki Blue Exorcist opening 2 Kaguya-sama Love is War opening 2 Sword Art Online Aliciziation Zombieland Saga Demon Slayer Vinland Saga openi
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