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  1. I was wondering that too.... and masquerade signups, which also still lists 2022 information. (I know its usually around the beginning of July but I have my script ready to go and want to make sure I don't miss the 24 hour window!)
  2. My partner and I waited too long to book our Amtrak tickets - $200 each round trip. Fares never used to fluctuate so wildly!
  3. Sorry if I sound ignorant asking this, but does anybody have an idea of when the 2023 masquerade signup dates / info might be announced? The website is still showing last year's dates.... Anime Boston is my home con and our masquerade signups generally start around 3-4 months ahead of time.
  4. Japanese: Satoshi Hino 日野 聡 (Bilingual, would love to see him on a panel with his Hashira's English VA counterpart, Mark Whitten) Ayumu Murase 村瀬 歩 English: Mark Whitten Erica Lindbeck Liam O'Brien Brian Drummond Peter Cullen
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