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  1. I am lucky to have the Marriott Marquis booked for next year. From everyone's experiences here it sounds like I will enjoy Otakon even more.
  2. I went to a lot of panels. It was the high point of my Otakon and what I wanted to experience the most. I would have gone to more if I could have. Evangelion-You Can (Not) Reference: Well done. Great work breaking down the angel's names and their origins. Panel was packed. Eva Monkey presents: The Future of Evangelion: I was hoping to hear a new anime centering on Shinji going to school was coming! What are Virtual Idols? : Gave me a glimpse of a world I didn't know existed. Tik Tok Creators- 1 to 1 Million : I might have been the only person who didn't know who the
  3. I would have loved a fan or an air conditioner for noise. Maybe I should have found one on YouTube and left that on all night lol My last hotel had a little Nescafe so maybe I was spoiled from that.
  4. My first time at Otakon and my first post here. AC Hotel Pros: WiFi was good. It had a huge TV. The room was clean. The bathroom was nice. Very close to the convention center; I was able to pop back for a shower before the rave. Good little fridge. Bed was okay. Lots of outlets. Cons: I had a horrible view of another building. Many non-Otakon guests who must of thought we were crazy. Elevator was slow/broken/overcrowded and no stairs. Nothing for white noise, it was too silent for me. Bar, lounge and lobby were tiny. I didn't see much fraternizing among Otakon guests. Coffee ma
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