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  1. With regards to this year, I'd honestly genuinely say it was mostly fantastic. My only big complaint being put on the Discord instead in terms of management issues. I do however have one other complaint/comment that I was initially going to just keep to myself but I'm seeing more and more complaints about it and that is regarding guests. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes guests wise and I know it's very complex. I also don't want to discount/insult the guests who took time out of their lives to come or the work done by Guest Relations. On the other hand however, I must confess to fee
  2. Gen Urobuchi is the dream for anime guests, but I think it would be cool to maybe have some Godzilla guests too as the con expands to being a general Asian pop culture con (In a really cool way might I add!) so maybe also people like Shusuke Kaneko for Japanese kaiju stuff and then on the American side TJ Storm has done anime cons before and I think Michael Dougherty would be really cool too.
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