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  1. ohhh yea I can see that. Maybe we'll have to scratch out the adult magazines and cigarettes for that. Maybe the crackers and car models are good enough lolololol. I can understand that. At best that's enevitable, although the question is what to do afterwards though.........
  2. For me I don't really have very much. Aleks Le- Famous EN voice actor
  3. not sure, but they are opening up applications for the artist alley. So I'm sure pannel submissions will open soon. Probably somewhere by march or April, May is too late XP.
  4. As you guys know, Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, as well as the artist for a plethera of other things, such as being an artist for the dragon quest series, has recently passed away. And with this passing I had the idea that maybe we can make a mini shrine for him. Here's how the idea goes: - In a visible, yet spacious corner, we have a blank poster saying "Thank you Akira Toriyama, Fly High" with a picture of goku. Hopefully either i or other staff can get more papers so others can draw on the thing. But I want don't want to try to stain the walls though. - In
  5. I really liked otakon this year, though my only criticism would be make bigger pannels (ex. studio trigger and orange pannels) extend to 2 hours instead of one, but idk if that's too much to ask. But with how many people there are this year, I think that's a valid point.
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