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  1. im going as chii from chobits, is their anyone who does a chobits cosplay this year?
  2. i just got thru hosting a club rave at my college which we held a place alot like the BCC i like the idea of the rave staying at the BCC because a hotel ball room sounds more like a place for a prom, and also theres the issue of late night pannels going on that you want to go see and now we would have to worry about walking around outside the convention late at night (going back and fourth between the convention and the rave) which im not too keen on because walking back to my hotel last year we were bugged by a street guy the cops were after who was involved in a stabbing (his arm all bloody
  3. Im cosplaying as Toph from avatar and i need the contacs to make me look like my eyes are blind, could anyone reccomend a good place online to buy some? and are they comfortable?
  4. my friends going as Sakura! her mom made the costume from scratch, its amazing! O__O im making her the feather i think shes cosplaying as sakura the last day or seccond to last
  5. awesome!!!!!!! currently im trying to figure out yahoo japan, its all in Japanese so im confused @__@ doiy LOL
  6. Hey I'm actually big into photography! mt college professors all say i have to continue it. I use the photos to get new ideas for my art. So I'll be taking many photos.
  7. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! i might try and post the link in a myspace or something, i know i have alot of friends that would be interested in this survey.
  8. 1. I noticed that too, and since the con in Dramacon is called "YattaCon" I had always suspected it was a parody/pastiche of Otakon. 2. THAT MAP. It is so very much like the maps of the BCC! I've been going to Ota for five years and staffing for three and I STILL get lost, especially as alabaster mentioned in that 300 hallway. I couldn't help giggling at the "don't know where you are? neither do we.." captions on the map. I think it's just the shape of the building and the way the hallways are. Or it's pretty much that Thirteen Oclock/Escher-esque scene in Labyrinth minus David Bowie singin
  9. O____O THEY RELEASED THE VA'S?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW AM I BEHIND!! i watched Ouran in english sub title and liked it a lot! Vic's gonna be Tamaki??? O___O that'll be interesting. i think ill be picturing Edd from FMA whenever he talks because thats the voice i usually associate him to lol.
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