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  1. My experience. Well, not really mine but I had a friend of mine rooming with me a year ago that dressed in a blue maromi at the con. She tends to chant around the phrase "You should allll kill yourselves!" while shambling around in that outfit. Well it happens to be that the Yankees were in town and she got into the elevator in the outfit full of the fans and after a lot of chatter, the elevator got quiet and she let out quietly "You should allll kill yourselves!" At the next stop, regardless of floor, everyone except for two attendeese and some staffer was laughing afterwards.
  2. We. Are. So. PARTYING XD[...]
  3. ... ahaha.... I'm (as usual) excluded from the otakorp/otakon rate again at the Sheraton due to getting the usual hospitality VIP suite. Again. I often wonder, does Otakon include said rooms in discounted rates or no? The room type I have is the following configuration: [2 bedroom] <--> [Parlor room w/ murphy queen] <--> [King Bed] Three connectin hotel rooms. Total cost: $575.00 for my block. Divide by three (since they are occupied to capacity), $191/night/room. We've been getting the same rate for about 4 years my group and I stayed there.... Not a com
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