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  1. I second a Baseball in Japan panel. The problem is that I don't know if there is someone that could put the panel on. I know some stuff about Japanese Baseball and the NPB, but probably not enough to put on the panel by myself.

    Tokyo Zombie, old school classics should be show for sure.

  2. I have some ideas for the Puroresu Panel for 2009.

    How about a review of 2008. I know of some good videos on YouTube that could be used.

    Also, Joshi (Japanese Women's Wrestling) could be used.

    If any help was needed for the panel, I'd gladly help out.


  3. Watching episode 6 (at least I think it was that ep) of Freedom was a complete breath of fresh air. It was like the Steampunk, sci-fi mashup that has been in my head recently coming true.

    Giving Afro Samurai a more thorough watch this time...and enjoying it.

    Seeing friends that I haven't seen in a while and interacting with other random people was exceptionally fun this year.

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