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  1. Yes, as the topic said I was wondering if anybody has posted or will post w/n the next weak or so of the different gatherings/photoshoots for Otakon this year? Just wondering, cos I'm planning on taking a LOT of pictures.
  2. Well, usually I fly in from Cleveland and land about 12 - 1ish pm, grab lunch possibly before leaving the BWI. Then wait FOR EVER for the shuttle to arrive to haul my otaku arse to the hotel of choice that year (usually depends on who I'm crashing w/). So I get to said hotel by like 3 or 4, then wait (suprisingly not very long) for my friends (and the person in charge of hotel there) to show up, they come in from PA. Then we usually just hang and catch up on stuff, till like 5 or 6 then we either go grab something to eat during 5 to 6 or take it to the pre reg line and eat it there. Then after
  3. Where would this be? the RHPS thing? I may come by and participate.
  4. Not that anybody cares, but I did hear that they were planning on remaking the movie. To this I ask WHY!?!?!? Anybody else hear about this?
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