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  1. In the middle of the bridge across the street on the 300 level mid-Saturday, a middle-aged woman with glasses and no con badge stops this staffer with hi-viz vest and three radios: Excuse me, can you tell me where Otakon is?" "What?!?!?!?" "I said, can you tell me where in the convention center this Otakon.... thing is taking place?"
  2. Back when Otakon still actually publicized itself and was growing, I took a poster for Otakon into one of the local Asian supermarkets (H-Mart, or Han ah Reum). I ask for the manager to ask permission to post it on their community bulletin board--a board where half the notices are in Korean. I found myself trying to explain to this befuddled, bewildered manager just what Otakon was. I might as well have had a poster advocating the replacement of zirconium on Planet X94-Zyklos with cottage cheese by means of Ilidium Q-36 space modulators, for all the sense I seemed to be making to him...
  3. Let's see......... Staffing a late-night Hentai room......... back when they were still in a massive "gray area" about checking IDs or not......... I decided to basically be a "show of force" and selectively ask to check IDs of anyone that appeared to be too young. My presence alone scared a few seemingly-underaged people out of the line. Then, as movie time came............. no DVD. Nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes of frantic radio calls to Con Ops and Video Ops, I had to confront an eager, antsy crowd: "Folks, we seem to be missing the DVD of the pro
  4. Latest update on THIS end: service starts July 27th. Sorry, guys. As with the Hilton last year, you're just gonna have to wait until next year.
  5. I don't think most of the places around the BCC would carry those kinds. Max's in Fells Point (it's a tavern with over 300 kinds of beer) may have it around though!
  6. A fair warning that by Saturday morning or noon of Otakon weekend, any "convenience store" reasonably close to the BCC looks like it's been looted in the aftermath of a war or disaster, with any clerks left cowering in the corners in a fetal position, whimpering softly, and naught left to sell you but some decaffeinated off-brand coffee and a jar of something weird like cocktail onions or lemon curry...... It isn't pretty.
  7. Those who actually live in Baltimore have an economic advantage--a BIG one--over out-of-towners...... We don't have to pay for hotel rooms. In some cases, not even gas. Your query is more pertinent to those coming from afar. I'm willing to wager attendance goes down slightly as a result.....
  8. www.portraitadoption.com Disclaimer: My wife is one of the participating artists: http://portraitadoption.com/paartist.php?profile=59 so I strongly recommend her........
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