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  1. Actually... it's probably worth looking into. Depending on the year and the concert and the specific terms involved, we might be able to do it. It would be a private screening for members only, and thus *may* be covered (for some of the shows) under existing usage rights -- but it would probably require a little digging to make sure we don't trip any surprises. I think we have even done it before, but each agreement may be different on those rights.
  2. He has had the option. i just realized I have known him for 12 years now!
  3. He’s been to otakon a lot, and is a friend. But he rarely performs these days because he essentially runs lantis and typically accompanies JAM project... (not as keyboardist, though). the Lazy reunion may have changed his mind.
  4. For context: Grandrodeo and Garnidella have both been attempted before. I feel like we may have come close with M-flo a while ago, but I know we had Taku this past year. Scheduling is always a challenge, especially for folks who work the lucrative summer festivals in Japan.
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