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  1. Scored one from a friend who camps on the sites hoping.
  2. Didn't you make it to Vegas? Or maybe I ran into you in Panel Ops or something? Honestly, I've met so many folks over the years who knew me from being on stage or from here, the data is often left untagged in the hard drive of my brain. Especially because at con I'm so exhausted....
  3. I remember that! I miss going to NYCC and variations thereof. Nice to have fun at a con with. none of the work. I've run into quite a few of you here and there over the years.
  4. In 1987 through the mid 90s, the bustling harbor place pavilions were packed every weekend and busy most weekdays. I even worked there over a summer or two. I say 1987 because that was my first real solo trip down there after high school graduation. Now, when I say packed, I mean every retail and restaurant space and then some was filled — all the shops, plus carts and temporary setups. One major cause of mall death across the board is obscene rent costs and rules that make it nearly impossible for anything but big stores to operate without losing money, in “tourist” areas li
  5. I have a copy of every program. I also have a copy of all the primary t shirts from 2000-up, except one I think.
  6. Short answer: some of the earlier ones are complicated by copyright issues, which we discovered when we tried to arrange something cool for our 10th. At least one of the early ones is probably not reprintable at all, if memory serves because it uses a character we don't have rights to. In other cases it's likely that either we don't have access to quality version of art, or don't have the correct agreement in place for reprint -- it was a few years before we got the hang of that stuff. But I've seen the odd shirt show up on eBay.
  7. The short answer -- and remembering I do NOT currently speak on behalf of the organization -- is that we've generally followed the recommendations and requirements of the venue, because what choice do we have? And the venue follows city guidance. Everyone does. Just like we're stuck with the required food vendors and security contractors, and required to scan bags and restrict costumes. (Further disclaimer: there are a LOT of Ota staff connected with health care, public safety, and government, and we're pretty vocal when such things are discussed. It would be impossible to "go rogue" for som
  8. We know the routine by now, right? They are almost certainly waiting until things are legally in place for them to cancel without being on the hook for the contracts. Like every other con.
  9. Actually... it's probably worth looking into. Depending on the year and the concert and the specific terms involved, we might be able to do it. It would be a private screening for members only, and thus *may* be covered (for some of the shows) under existing usage rights -- but it would probably require a little digging to make sure we don't trip any surprises. I think we have even done it before, but each agreement may be different on those rights.
  10. Just so you're aware: Guest suggestions have their own thread. Were you aware that we have *the* best Lip Sync show? Lip Sync For Your Cosplay? Jez created it and it got rave reviews.
  11. Oh, I think it was probably spent on developing the game, because there were some prototypes and some functionality on display at the time. At a guess -- and it's purely a guess, I have no insider knowledge about it -- I think they may have lost a key partner on the dev side OR just underestimated what it would really take, and people only work for you for so long on promises and fun.
  12. *Nods* Just to clarify, there really isn't any new information, so the old statement stands. As I understand it, It's on Studio Nasu and Kickstarter, legally and ethically, to deal with any remaining fallout. That's just a risk of crowdfunding, really.
  13. I feel ya. But I don't think any of that money is coming back. That's the risk of kickstarter and other crowdfunding. You don't know if the projects will come to pass, and you may not see your investment pay off. That's simply how it works. The money was spent, and the project failed to produce. We said what we could legally at the time and the statements are on record. There was no sweeping under the rug. Let me clarify something here to the best of my understanding, and with the disclaimer that I'm NOT making a statement on behalf of the corporation here -- this is my personal recoll
  14. He has had the option. i just realized I have known him for 12 years now!
  15. He’s been to otakon a lot, and is a friend. But he rarely performs these days because he essentially runs lantis and typically accompanies JAM project... (not as keyboardist, though). the Lazy reunion may have changed his mind.
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