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  1. My friend spoke very little japanese. In fact, he mostly got a friend of his to teach him how to say amusing things about me. This friend is vietnamese, and people assumed he was half-japanese or something. Me, they saw and said "Ah! Giant Gaijin! Please don't step on our buildings!" and were very patient and appreciateive of my attempts to speak their language. Him, they got annoyed with when they realized he spoke even less Japanese than I did. So no, he wasn't much help in that regard, though he was fun to hang out with. (And he does speak vietnamese, a bit of thai, and a bit of ger
  2. My first trip there as a tourist, I had a guide book, a friend, and a Berliz phrasebook. I knew little more than a few politeness words. I had no trouble at all in Tokyo.
  3. Someone pointed me to some complaints about how strict our rules were. Keep in mind that special lighting, equipment, sound, and stage requests are very limited for a couple of reasons. First, there's a concept of a level playing field. Everyone has the same restrictions, so people can't claim that a flashier a/v presentation was the determining factor -- and that means they also can't complain that the lights weren't right or the sound cues weren't correct. Lighting and other tech require practice time that you really don't have, and introduce complications that can seriously slow d
  4. Not to mention I'd revoke your membership for recklessly endangering your fellow members and breaking the rules. We are not playing rules lawyer here.
  5. I wouldn't say that -- after all, you've just whammed your head into furniture. At least you're not as bad as the people who use the web form to email us and ask us when the con is, or the person who used our webform to ask us why we didn't have a website online.
  6. The rules are under review and I expect them to come along in the next few weeks. Plenty of time. On the bright side, someone will show up eventually and 'splain it all to ya, at least well enough to tide you over until the official rules show up on the website.
  7. That's some time off -- probably April or May. We'll give you advance warning. Remember that you can't register for the Masquerade until you've completed your pre-reg.
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