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  1. There's also a Whole Foods over by the Pier 6/Marriott area.
  2. Yup, sounds like the basic arguments have been laid out: 1. In most cases lines are not based on seating limits, but rather on attendee behavior that seems immune to every effort to change it. Call it herd instinct. 2. We have occasionally ticketed or stickered certain events (concerts), but we've only used that approach when we expected demand to outpace supply by a significant amount. And that didn't prevent people lining up, as the thousands of people who waited for L'Arc know full well. What is perhaps less well known is that at least 2,000 more people could have fit in the Ar
  3. I always thought the 6 minute rule was due to time constraint issues, so when you just said the audience would be bored, it totally blew me away. I also felt like it was kinda saying "Well you can't make a good AMV that will keep the audience entertained for 6 minutes." And yet...don't some of those AMV Hell videos go well over 6 minutes and otaku just love those. Your response was just very shocking to me. The only time I was bored during AMVs was in 2005, when every other AMV was Naruto, and they seemed to use the same scenes too. Lol. But the first AMV I submitted in 2006 was nearly 6 minut
  4. Well, wait for the rules before you give up! I merely mean there's a reason why music videos in general don't tend to be 6+ minutes. Not the otaku short attention span, necessarily, just the expectations of the form.
  5. Rules will appear eventually, but I'd say that the *audience* is likely to fall asleep long before you hit six minutes.....
  6. We do not forsee the need for an attendance cap this year. Last year we were able to handle 26,000 people pretty well. This year we have a bit more space. Now if 50,000 people pre-register before April... that's a different situation. If we get even half that many in pre-reg, I want a budget increase.
  7. In 2007 we lost the arena to a concert (not ours for a change), which forced us to rearrange the layout of the BCC. We kept that layout because it worked better.
  8. I remember *seeing* you -- don't remember if I had my camera with me. Great job on that, BTW.
  9. At the moment, there isn't a need for an attendance cap, as we handled 26,000+ people pretty well last year, and the fire marshall didn't have any issues with us. Changes in the layout and flow of traffic within the building helped considerably, and of course now we have an entire attached hotel to absorb some of the overflow. I suspect we'll have to review things again if the Arena goes away (as that pulls about 25% of our attendees out of the building for several hours during saturday prime time), but I don't see the cap coming back. However, things can change, so i doubt that we'll s
  10. I'm likely missing something due to my inexperience with doing my own taxes, but why would you want a minimal refund? Why? Because I'd rather *I* had the use of my money than the government. When you're someone else's dependent, or barely eking out a living doing retail slave or similar entry-level jobs, and making (if you're lucky) enough to live on, it's different. I spent a long time living paycheck to paycheck myself. In those circumstances, the tax refund is often used like an automatic savings account. When you're out on your own and you make enough money that you'r
  11. Not me. I try to ensure that I get, at best, a minimal refund of a few hundred bucks. But then, I am a homeowner and I also just sneaked into another tax bracket. I'm rather dreading tax time.
  12. The news feed on the right side of the home page lists the newest stuff first, and older items drop off. You can see all the old news at the archive page.
  13. Seeing "I guess I better get a job" from folks in this forum just breaks my brain. Do kids today get THAT much help from Mummy and Daddy, that their only reason for being employed is to come to Otakon? I've had at least a part time job since I was fourteen. From a few months after college until about 8 years ago, I typically had a full-time AND a part-time job. And while I was in college, I had a campus job AND as many as two off-campus jobs at various points. My parents couldn't afford to give me a free ride for anything (I paid my own car insurance and gas and whatnot from the poin
  14. And Bebop is one of my favorite anime, too. That said, the *worst* that will happen is that this movie will suck, and you'll still have the awesome series to watch. The best that might happen is that the movie will be a lot of fun, and bring a lot of new fans to the anime. As for Mr Reeves: he's not as awful as people these days like to think he is. And fact is, his movies tend to be mildly to massively successful, even when they get bashed by critics or disappoint fans. So from a studio perspective, he brings the "name" clout to the project, as well as the mass appeal. T
  15. I expect we'll have at least one guest to announce when we open registration.... ...and that's not *too* far off, but I'm not putting out any spoilers!
  16. Best bet is to contact Programming via the website, if you hope to arrange any sort of official or sanctioned event.
  17. Budget high, spend low -- it's how I manage to stay within my budget for guests each year without making anyone feel slighted.
  18. ...or the Charles Street arts district and restaurant corridor. Some good eats up there, as well as in Fells Point.
  19. I did TELL you that you shouldn't change over any money yet -- just bring a few hundred to change at Narita. Honestly their rates weren't any worse than anywhere else (perhaps a penny or two difference). You *will* need cash to get around, and get used to the feel of a pocket full of (actually useful) coinage. Protip: ditch your yen whenever possible. They don't weigh much, but they take up space and you can't use them in vending machines, so what's the point? Regarding the loneliness/culture shock thing....you will really begin to notice it when you start to explore. My first tr
  20. Be careful about Amazon.com -- a lot of their links are "marketplace" or used, and many of them are bootlegs. Remember, the common sense rule is your friend: if the deal is way too good to be true, it is probably not.
  21. Otakon hasn't used laminated badges for several years. The badge designs are different each year, and your badge isn't valid with a year-specific holographic design sticker and that year's year-specific badge holder. There's talk of using designs that specifically screw around with photocopiers, or using non-repro blue stuff, or changing the dimensions of the badge. Not to mention if you're caught defrauding the corporation, you'll be talking to our lawyer and a gentleman with a badge.
  22. The sarcastic side of me wants to say "We'll just skip subtitles altogether and go with dubs throughout", because short of having an extra setup day and more tech staff, stadium seating throughout, and a lot more money to do either, that's the only way to solve this problem. You're asking for reassurance that something will be done; the best that we can generally offer is to say that we will make the attempt. We make the attempt every year -- but sometimes it doesn't happen as planned. Why? Well one reason is that a relatively small number of people must oversee the tech setup for about 4
  23. The article indicates the game is a big disappointment.
  24. It's just part of the cost -- and you can still find some great buys. A friend found a flight for about $850 last month, which is pretty good. Depending on your timing and willingness to put up with airport hell, and with a creative agent, you might do well. One tip for the cost-conscious is to fly to the west coast on a cheap fare, and take advantage of the less expensive flights to Japan from San Francisco or LA. Still, there's always some sort of risk tradeoff, and at my stage of life (late 30s), my time and comfort are more valuable than saving $100.
  25. Check on your credit card to see whether it charges any fees for overseas transactions; if they are reasonable, then use your credit card whenever possible to get the best exchange rates. More places in Japan accept cards than used to. If I were going just for me, I'd carry only a few hundred in US cash, and change over about $200 at the airport when you first arrive. The rates aren't bad, and you'll need some cash when you first arrive. Traveler's Cheques aren't really that useful, IMHO -- not worth the hassle. I found it more useful to withdraw via ATM to get the rest -- Citibank
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