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  1. My geek gifts were: - Force Unleashed and Carnival Games II for Wii - Dark Knight special edition - Stratego: Transformers Edition - Kung Fu Panda Special Edition But honestly, the best part was my 1-year-old nephew going totally nuts for his gifts. He kissed his stuffed animals, played with his pirate ship, and smiled at his clothes, but the best part was him playing with his musical ride-on learning choo-choo train. Like, CONSTANTLY. .
  2. Based on what I'm hearing so far, the biggest risk is that many current dealers may go under in the coming months. But on the other hand, even with last year's sinking economy, Otakon is still a profitable show for most of them. So it would take a lot to change their habit of showing up and selling stuff. I'm betting they'll be dumping old product at a greater rate, and probably at a deeper discount, than they used to. But despite what many people seem to think, most dealers present reasonable pricing and aren't making big bank on the markup. They have to cover their costs. Keep in mind
  3. Apologies for any confusion. Asrial Dune (Matt) is actually on the team that enforces such policies -- I am not. His answer on this issue would be the one to pay attention to. (I remember our policy as being "must cover what a standard bathing suit would cover", but the last time I was directly involved was in 2005/6.) I'll push for a clarification to be added to our policies page, in any case. My point is merely this: policies vary and are most often an issue that is decided by the venue, local standards, climate, etc. rather than just convention staff being mean or arbitrary
  4. Even if our policy differs from theirs, that doesn't mean either of us is right or wrong. Usually such policies are determined by the venue, rather than by the convention itself. Otakon is held in the hottest part of the summer, and enjoys an excellent and long-established relationship with the city and with our various venues. However, a hotel-based event in winter might well require everyone to wear a shirt. In which case you must comply.
  5. We've tightened our belts within Otakorp, too -- but most of that won't be obvious to you guys, we hope. The big struggle was to keep our membership fees from going up, given that everything else did.
  6. alabaster


    Apparently the Japanese prefer their boy-bands to be filled with nice boys, and "bad" is relative.
  7. http://www.otakon.com/rss/ & http://www.otakon.com/rss/feed.asp The page is there, and it works -- there just hasn't been any news posted lately. As in, since the last week of August. The RSS feed only maintains stuff from the last month, I believe -- though it's been a awhile since I looked under hte hood.
  8. Actually, it's Chile, and in fact we have, if memory serves, had attendees from Brazil and Ecuador, among other South American countries.
  9. One possibility is using these for promotional material for this coming year. We should have commercials, plus we put together other promotional stuff for use in our booths at other shows. Who knows, you might be seen at Tokyo Anime Fest!
  10. I can almost buy the argument for puppetry. But they're REALLY losing their way there.
  11. She looks pretty good for her age, too. (Yes I've met her) (stop hating)
  12. Paprika is an awesome new movie if you could show it at the con. Oh and more subs rather then dubs please! -unless of course that voice actor is at the con Paprika came out at the beginning of 2007, and we *have* shown it at the con. I agree, it's awesome, but we have shown it a few times already. As for subs vs dubs, that's not always a call we can make. Because you see, we have to get permission to show stuff, and they may specify which version.
  13. I dunno, the idea of trying to build hierarchies around geekdom seems like you're taking the great equalizer -- You Are A Fan -- and making it about the same lame elitist crap that life is already full of. I like to think of fandom as something we share rather than something we use to exclude others. Those sorts of things only work humor-wise, IMHO, when they are done tongue-in-cheek, by people making fun of themselves. Y'know, with one done by Otakon Staff making "staff at an anime convention" one of the most lame things to be.
  14. The other issue is the music used -- we pay the appropriate fees to cover live use, but not redistribution. So if someone were to, say, do an amazing skit featuring music from LEGEND OF ZELDA, it's okay to use for the live performance -- but not for us to release the video later.
  15. There will probably be additional restrictions on using logos -- you can't use the WB logo, for example.
  16. LOL! That's true. Stupid frivolous law suits. Meh, yes and no. The events of the Otaklaus Challenge, when we had that, were inspired by the wacky hijinx of japanese game shows, but were designed so they involved almost zero risk of injury. As opposed to the Ninja Warrior or Unbeatable Banzuke shows where minor injury is a LIKELY outcome. Those shows all make money and thus can work the insurance and legal costs into their bottom line. That wouldn't really work for us.
  17. Well I graduated from college 17 years ago, and there really WEREN'T very many anime clubs in 1991. But I think the main reason clubs have a rough time succeeding *now* is that most of the old club functions -- finding new stuff to watch, watching it, translating it, talking about it -- have moved online. Unless you have a particular focus that requires in-person interaction, clubs can be a hard sell.
  18. Nope. Read what I said. For Otakon to broadcast events from the BCC or Arena, we would need to renegotiate bits of the contract that cover broadcast of events. Labor rates for certain things are set differently (they are more expensive) if the event is to be broadcast, and there would be a fair amount of permissions and waivers and things to deal with. A personal video diary is a completely different animal to wholesale broadcasting of live events. Consider this, too: members pay a fee for which the chief benefit is the right to attend the annual meeting -- Otakon -- and while
  19. Live broadcast of any of our content would require a significant expense and a change in our contract with the BCC. I don't see that happening.
  20. The sheer quantity of paperwork and legal concern would give our lawyer a seizure. The legal climate in the US is ill-suited to that level of mayhem.
  21. Tropic Thunder was a deal worked out by the promoter we work with to do those ticket giveaways all year. It was offsite and outside the convention, and was presented as a thank-you to our members for supporting Allied's events year-round. Quite different to supporting a mega-blockbuster mainstream movie by displacing normal convention operations and programming.
  22. You do realize that we've had a classics track for years now, don't you? We give you guys a book with all that schedule stuff in it...sometimes I don't think anybody reads it.
  23. Question: Exactly what "information" is the Otakon board seeking? I mean, I hardly think anyone's going to come forward and say "yeah, I bought a membership badge and holder from this dude working the line for $XX." Is there anything else "of use" to you? People already *have* volunteered that information.
  24. alabaster

    NYAF - Otakon

    "Better than anyone Otakon had"?? Surely that's a matter of personal taste. Someone who didn't like Vampire Hunter D, or doesn't care much about Final Fantasy, might disagree. There's a dude who has sent me at least two angry emails because we didn't bring over the particular j-horror director he wanted. Yoshitaka Amano is a great guest, there's no doubt about that. I'm certainly a fan of his work. But I don't know that you can really rank one guest as "better" than another. There are plenty of folks who could care less about artists, and only bother to go to see US voice actors, w
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