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  1. Congratulations to everyone who sang at Otacafe 2008 Karaoke!! I hope had a wonderful time! I know I did. The convention had it's ups and downs for me. UPS: Getting to watch everyone sing and have a good time! Loved being everyones host and rooting everyone on. Cosplaying as an alligator and singing I am a Pioneer and Talent for love from Tenchi Muyo. Singing Gackt Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto. Downs: Decided to take a break with my girl friend. =[, honestly it is a mixed feeling. Of relief and sadiness. I hope I did a good job and everyone had a great time!
  2. ATTENTION! Here is all the information you need to know about Otacafe! Karaoke Information - Click Here
  3. So what is everyone going to sing? I am excited about hosting and having fun with everyone! I will be singing a few of the Gundam 00 themes. L'arc en Ciel - Daybreak's Bell, Friends by Stephanie, Ash like snow by The Brilliant Green. No I am As well as my usual picks L'arc en ciel songs, Gackt songs, and a few new ones I can't remember at the moment =P. Gundam 00 is the best series ever XD really got me back into anime! P.S. I am the Karaoke Cooridnator for Anime USA 2008. So try and make it to AUSA and visit me -wink-.
  4. Otacafe is the Otakon Karaoke room that is open all weekend, pretty much.
  5. Hello everyone, Your number one host HydeCiel asking all of you karaoke fans! Who's going, who's pumped, who's ready to sing, and what are you singing!?!!?! I know I am! Myself with the entire karaoke staff is excited to bring you this years Otacafe! We will do our best to bring you the best Karaoke experience ever! Join us for this years Otacafe! Plus I have some rather interesting "host clothing" to spice things up a bit ()! MAH MAH MAH MAH! -Microphone spins- Likes get ready to rock everyone! ARE YOU READY? GO~!!
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