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  1. I can play with you guys as a bassist on these 2 songs: Ride on Shooting Star Stay Away Also add: Haruka Kanata since it seems easy to pick up ^^
  2. Bassist here, ima be checking out Club Otaku with my guitarist. Id be willing to jam with people. The songs I know are mostly from rockband. Also does anyone know the drumming for some Metallica songs like Ride The Lightning? Was thinking we can form a metallica cover band during otakon with peeps here... ^^
  3. Gamblor

    Holiday Inn 2008

    Wow, this thread got me a hotel room You rockzors my boxorz!!!!
  4. Going to add End of Evangelion in here since that movie is soooo good! Would be a blast to see it w/ all the other eva fans
  5. No thank you, if someone wants to cosplay a "played out" character they should be able to freely w/o being told to change. So what if theres more of a certain cosplay? Its not like every single person in the convention is dressed like that. Bleach is obviously going to be popular since the costume is pretty easy todo and its standard uniform for shinigamis. Why do you care if the majority of the people cosplay 1 character anyway? Is it ruining your con experience?
  6. I would LOVE to see Suicide Club!
  7. I have some anime that causes me to cry lol. They are: - Ep.24 of Negima - Elfen Lied - Chrono Crusade
  8. I want to goto Japan too! Aiming for a trip there sometime in 2008 with a couple friends that also wanna go. Saving up money from this part time job I have is gonna be hard >< Oh well, gonna be fun when I get to go How much average will a week or 2 stay will cost do you think?
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