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  1. I don't know if this was discussed or not yet on the forum for this year - but I was a bit let down by the "judging experience" Out of the 4 judges there - only one got up to check anything on my costume - and this was my corset. Not to be mean or anything; but if your judging Hall Cosplay - its really really heavily weighted on costume construction - since there is no performance aspect for hall cosplay. If the judges aren't getting up to check it - it's kind've depressing. Especially for my costume where every layer down to the petticoat and panties were hand made. Also one
  2. yeah... honestly... Otakon doesn't give out paper certificates for awards, and quite frankly, I think more people'd be more pleased with a paper certificate with their name on it, that they can say "hey! look what I did!", then some completely random prize, or nothing at all....
  3. Registration process was really good, a lot cleaner than most masquerades that I've participated in ((and I also work on staff for two so I know that headache that comes with it)) I really enjoyed the usage of the mariner arena for the masquerade. However going into the loading docks to get backstage made the train on my costume absolutely filthy, and the stage as large as it was, was very slippery. With that many costumers going through it, and people trying to get backstage, it would've been nice if the stage floor had been swept up or cleaned if just a little bit. Heels and
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