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    I'm an avid musician and music-listener (I can play the drums, piano, trumpet and I'm learning the guitar currently, and plan to learn the violin and bass guitar before long) and a lite Japanophile. I've taken two years of the language and am currently going to be starting my third. :3 I enjoy reading and writing as well and kind of want to learn to draw.

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  1. XD I'm currently stuck on 2PM and 2NE1. I just got past Wonder Girls. -sigh- DARNIT. There's so much to keep up with. -is listening to Angel by 2PM as he types this- =D And to be honest, T.O.P.'s not even my favorite in Big Bang (He's second). Taeyang has always kept my attention. >.O
  2. I was at the JE panel. One of the like, five guys. I was the one who thought he was the only guy there. XD But, I did enjoy it. It shed light on JE that I never knew before (depsite the fact that I only really listen to Kat-Tun, and even then, Koki is my favorite member. KOKI LOVE ACTIVATE! I'm much more of K-Pop/K-Rock fan. -points to his avatar- T.O.P. YAY~ [/fanboying]
  3. Yes, TOP is amazing. You're the first to recognize him, so for that, you've won a piece of my heart.

  4. Well, I wouldn't mind hanging out with some new guys. Seems like fun times, and it's always nice to meet new people! This would be my third con, really. So I like to think I know what I'm doing. And I'm bringing along a lot of wacky friends, so I'm sure you'll have a good time.
  5. Diru was a good band until they came to America honestly. I used to go to their shows all the time, but now they seem kinda...lame. They've gotten a bit to "Americanized", if you know what I mean.
  6. Well, most of my cosplays are in my signature, though my friday cosplay may be switched out... I'm definitely going to enjoy Saturday the most, considering that Fairy Tail doesn't seem to be that well known here in the U.S, which surprises me greatly, as it's one of the top ten manga in Shonen Jump in Japan... If anyone cares, I'll be going as the old-fashioned Loki (A.K.A. Leo the Lion). I just think he looks cooler~
  7. Honestly, there aren't many anime shows out there that I would say shouldn't exist. Simply because of the fact that SOMEONE out there watches it, and SOMEONE out there enjoys it. However, there are some shows that I don't particularly like, and although I will watch them, I won't enjoy them. Mind you I don't watch anime very often, so it's not like my list is that extensive. 1. Naruto: Now, I know I'm probably going to get eaten alive for this, but honestly, Naruto doesn't appeal to me. I'm a bit of an old-fashioned guy, and when I hear ninjas, I imagine swift, agile Japanese men sn
  8. H'okay, so I'm a lazy person...and I was skimming through the Otakon site one day when I realized something kind of strange. The RSS feed had disappeared! I don't know if this was announced and I missed it, but I liked the fact that Otakon had an RSS Feed, as it gave me quick access to all the information about the con without having to actually go to the site. If I may ask, why was it taken down? And will it be added again anytime in the near future?
  9. I've been told I'm a pretty snazzy piano player, but I don't play MGS enough to know any of the songs on there...but maybe I'll catch you there with my band~
  10. I can imagine all the "business-suits" staring at the various cosplayers going crazy on the buses. Which may end up getting the shuttle idea shut down...perhaps... D:
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