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    I'm an avid musician and music-listener (I can play the drums, piano, trumpet and I'm learning the guitar currently, and plan to learn the violin and bass guitar before long) and a lite Japanophile. I've taken two years of the language and am currently going to be starting my third. :3 I enjoy reading and writing as well and kind of want to learn to draw.

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I'm a nineteen year old otaku born and raised in the states. I'm not as avid an otaku as I used to be, but I still enjoy going to cons for the socializing and merchandise. I often times can be seen with a camera snapping photos around con, I'm a fairly freshmeat photographer (in that I don't have super-professional equipment, but a nice Nikon camera). I'm in college studying Computer Science and minoring in Asian Studies. I currently am fairly fluent in Japanese and hope to pick up Korean and Chinese later on down the road. I like to think I'm pretty open-minded, and I sure as heck don't bite, so get to know me! :D

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